Here's what just a few of our students had to say about Mentor Education

"It was a pleasure and enjoyable to spend a couple of weeks with you in Melbourne. You have shown to all of us a high degree of knowledge and professionalism coupled with your personal kindness, care and excellent communication skills." - BOB GAJIC

"We've received frequently the support from lecturers, the organisers, webinar lecturers, mentor education members etc... encourage us from studying to complete the assignments with high value. It's great!" - SANH NGUYEN

"(As a result of completing my Diploma with Mentor Education ) I have obtained work at Health Super Financial Planning as a Client Services Officer, with a view to becoming a paraplanner or financial planner in the long term." - JACKSON KEANE

"The reason I chose Mentor Education, was that I had previously looked at my training options online, and determined that Mentor Education would adequately cover all of my requirements.. the end result is a new position with another Bank I took up two months ago undertaking a role I really enjoy and one that required the Diploma qualification." - DAVID RANDALL

"..I have received a job offer and I do appreciated your support and trust. Thanks once again!" - HERMAN VARGAS

"It comes to no surprise to me why your business is the leader in providing financial advice competency." - ANDRE MUDIGDO

"Within a week of having completed my course, even before I got my Certificate, I got a job with ANZ as a Financial Planning associate. I must say that your company has a very good reputation in the industry." - MIRAL THAKKER

"The practical projects were excellent and once understood, the value at both a practice and practitioner level was time well spent. Recommend to others unequivocally!!" - KENN WILLIAMS

"I have dealt with Kaplan and AAMC. I have not enrolled in any of their courses because Mentor Education are the most efficient and reliable training provider out there." - ANTHONY CORDI

"The level of service provided by this organisation continues to surprise me (in a good way). I will be referring your organisation as a result to anyone I come across wanting to complete this diploma." - JOHN AYAD

"I have just finished a course with you and I couldn't speak highly enough of it and the facilitator. I am looking forward to doing further course with you next year. The course excellent, the trainer was very professional!!!!" - SCOTT MORRISON

"A great two days, well worth the time invested. I have very much enjoyed the two days spent with the facilitator a great experience. Great course, look forward to the updates. ..This has been the best presentation! Good course, Well presented!!" - KEITH INNS

"Excellent!! Fantastic!! I appreciate your great teachings in Financial Planning you are an absolute excellent teacher..great course interaction with the whole group in discussions. It was really great to hear your professional experience, skills and applied knowledge in Financial Planning!!!" - KASRA KHALILI

"The facilitator is great and I feel I've benefited from his interpretation & demonstration of practical scenarios. Again, he is a facilitator that brings a wealth of knowledge & practical experiences & scenarios to the learning environment" - MEGAN RENEE TURNER

"since I finished the course I had two job interviews..-once again thank you so much for providing me with such an unforgettable experience" - MOHAMMED MALAWI

"I am already receiving benefits having done the course because of a great new job opportunity that has come to my way due to the knowledge gained through the well structured course. I can only recommend others to enroll as it will definitely enhance their knowledge and ability to succeed in the Financial Planning industry. Thanks again" - ANDREW TARANTO

"I wanted to express how I thoroughly enjoyed the Diploma of Financial Planning. The course was challenging yet rewarding and provided an extremely accurate measure of what financial advice is like in the outside world. Your staff are very encouraging and provide fantastic feedback. It was a pleasure doing the course through Mentor Education and I wouldn’t hesitate to complete further education through your organisation." - TYSON RATTLE

"Thank you for the excellent way in which you did the facilitator role. The course documentation is excellent, but you were able to bring to life the underling meaning of the documents with excellent examples of how the course content is applied in practice.

I think I have taken in and retained more through your careful and thoughtful efforts, which should prove to be of great value to me in the future." - ROBERT STERLING

"Thank You to you both for your efforts in getting my DFP certification sorted out so quickly in March.

I was able to join the March intake of the AMP Horizons program, and could not be happier with my new career." - WALTER FLEITMANN

"You have left me with a valuable asset both personally and professionally ... I found your course to be more than informative, well put together in a format that is easy to understand, and your industry knowledge was very impressive ... I would like again to thank you for your professional approach in helping many different people in the industry achieving the right standards to make the profession we work in more ethical and professional which is what the industry needs." - GARY COOK

"After completing my SMSF course with Mentor I will be returning in 2 or 3 months for the next one 'Business Succession Planning'. I think this says it all about my Mentor experience." - ANTHONY L WILLCOCKS

“Completing the Diploma led me to gaining a promotion and a pay increase of nearly $10,000...”