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The Skills You Need to Lead Yourself to Success

The Skills You Need to Lead Yourself to Success

By Nicholas Sinclair| March 06, 2020

Student Life Balance

So, what is leadership? Is it a trait only held by very few? What is it about leadership that led to the success of people like Steve Jobs or Susan Wojcicki? Is leadership a skill that only very few of us possess?

In this week’s Student Life, we will discuss how understanding good leadership skills can help you with your studies and lead you to success.

Have a vision

Well, where does a great leader start? A great leader starts with a great vision! Having a vision that is clear and concise is something that most of us aspire to. People are often confused and uncertain about the future, finding someone so sure about where they are going can be calming. Naturally, people gravitate to people like this, maybe we hope that some of this certainty will rub off on us. But how important is this vision to a leader's success and how we can we apply that to ourselves and our study?

Be clear about your goals

If we break down what having a vision means, we can see that it’s clarity. It’s an ability to see clearly what it is that you want and what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re not clear on what it is that you want, it’s very difficult to see which way to go and to stay on the path you’ve chosen. If you need to get your diploma to get that job you want, then being clear on this goal will ensure you reach it. A good leader needs a clear vision so that the people they’re leading know exactly what they’re striving for. Ask yourself? Would you follow someone who didn’t know where they were going?

Organise your mind

Now, finding clarity in this world can sometimes be challenging. There are always things to do, people to meet and adventures to have. You can’t hope to be clear and stay on the right path if your mind is chaotic and lacks organisation. By organizing your mind, aligning your objectives and understanding your reasons for doing what you do, you can direct your life in the direction you want to go.

Empathise with others

One of the traits shared by all good leaders is their ability to empathise with the people around them. This means to truly listen to those that rely on them. This enables them to lead more authentically! So, as a good leader listens to those around them, you must listen to yourself. Did you know? That 90% of everything we do, we do unconsciously! Only 10% of what we do, we do consciously. This emphasises how important it is to listen to yourself and how you feel. This is the beauty of meditation! By clearing your mind your vision becomes clear and so does your ability to listen to yourself.

Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek | Ted-Ed

These skills are crucial to your study success. This journey that you are on can take a long time and often be very demanding. Learning how to clear your mind and listen to yourself will help you navigate your way to the goals you’ve set. We all make mistakes when we can’t think clearly, and we’ve all stressed about things we didn’t need to stress about.

Find motivation

A good leader should inspire their people’s motivation. Without this, there’s no point in even thinking about the rest. Finding the motivation can be a challenge but the clearer we are in why we’re doing something the easier it is to do. So ask yourself, what is it that gets you going? Maybe it’s going to your favourite cafe or a quiet place. Maybe it’s swapping 30 minutes of study time for 10 minutes of watching your favourite show. Pay attention to what’s worked for you in the past and how different methods make you feel. By doing this, it can be very easy to work out how to motivate yourself to study success.

Leading others and leading yourself is the same thing. Through leading yourself you will achieve the things you want. As a good leader is clear in their vision, so must you be. As a good leader empathises with the people they lead, so must you empathise with yourself. Finding a sense of calm in this world can be difficult, but as a ship cannot sail in stormy seas, neither can you sail through this world without clarity of mind, heart and soul.



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