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Studying Online

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Studying Online

By Antonietta Marinelli & James Lynch | Sep 25, 2020

Studying Online

Online and remote learning is assuming a bigger role than ever before when it comes to education. For those new, or unfamiliar with online studying it can be daunting and a challenging prospect especially if you’re used to having that in-person contact with an educator such as teachers or even that face to face interaction with your peers.

Simple things such as not being able to ask a question at the drop of a hat in class or running through case studies in real time on the whiteboard are just a few experiences we have come to expect within the traditional face-to-face learning environment. In the past, these experiences were difficult to transpose over into the digital and remote learning world, however, distant and online learning has evolved dramatically over time and not only accounts for these experiences but enhances them. Even so, with our modern calendars getting busier and busier, online and remote learning provides us the opportunity to start, commence and finish our studies with a greater degree of flexibility.

With over 17 years of delivering online learning, Mentor Education has focused on providing students (where possible) the flexibility to commence their studies at anytime, anywhere. In addition to flexible timelines, the provision of initiative learning management systems coupled with high quality resources, materials and online support lends themselves to a positive and engaging online learning experience.

Accessibility also represents another great benefit. In the modern era, all you need is a good internet connection, laptop, smartphone, or tablet in which you are able to operate effectively in a space of your choice! You can work on any application that you are used to, in a space that you’re comfortable with and begin your studies. We all have our own learning space, which is most productive for us, and at Mentor Education we want to assure it’s all been provided in order to offer you the best opportunity and experience of online learning.

For any questions about the online learning experience, be sure to head on over and check out one of our student information sessions on our YouTube channel @MentorEducation where we discuss all areas of our courses. Mentor Education gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons remotely and excite your potential with our support and guidance from the beginning until the very end.


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