Studying In The Midst Of It All

Studying In The Midst Of It All

By Antonietta Marinelli | February 26, 2021

Studying In The Midst Of It All and Finding Motivation Towards Your Work and Studies

In a world that is becoming increasingly busy there is no doubt that time is becoming more and more precious. When it comes to balancing time between people, leisure, work and study it can be difficult to prioritise the things that matter in both the short and long term. So, the key to managing time and prioritising to your studies and work is to find the best way that suits YOU. The rest will fall into place.

Remind Yourself What Your End Goals Are.

The same drive and purpose you’ve always had are still inside you, you’re just currently lacking motivation right now. Even if right now your studies do not feel important to you right now, they still are.

Think about why you’re studying, and why you care to study a particular qualification. Think of the ‘bigger picture’ in short is what is being implied. It is difficult not knowing what the end goal feels like, however, you can visually picture it. That report you need to submit by tomorrow is allowing you to be one step closer to jump into the career you hope to be in. That exam will allow you the opportunity to fulfill that job role that is being advertised. All things throughout your studies allow for you to move forward, and take that next ‘level’ into achieving your goal.

Cleaning Your Study Space

It is highly important to hold a satisfied level of comfort whilst studying. It is important to ensure that the area in which you are studying accommodates you. Do a little ‘Marie-Kondo’ and de-clutter your study/work space to ensure there is room for your necessities like your computer, books and resources.

It is good to ensure that your space is clean. When you are surrounded with physical mess you’ll be less motivated and more prone to procrastination. The reason for this is because there’s so much going on around you, that all your thoughts will be overloaded with the pressure to tidy up, or distracted by the disorder.

The amount of cleaning may be overwhelming, resulting in you deciding not to organise anything at all. Instead, by keeping your space clean at all times, you’ll be free to focus on your personal projects and motivated to direct the energy of your clean mind towards productive tasks. Maintaining clean physical space is a way to show yourself self-love. It gives you a sense of feeling clean, and allows you to concentrate on your time when your thoughts are organised (Blueosa, 2018).

Exercise and Well-Being

Remember to be taking care of your physical health when seeking motivation. Moving your body, even if it is to walk around your backyard, or a few steps up and down your street is a great stress relief. Taking a break to step away from what you are doing and physically move your body allows for your brain to settle down and direct energy elsewhere.

Exercise has many benefits, not only for your physical health but also your mental health. In your brain, exercise stimulates chemicals that improve your mood and the parts of the brain responsible for memory and learning. (Health Direct, 2016).

It is very easy to read something which outlines how and what will help you throughout your studies, however all power starts in the mind. The key overall is to make a start, whether that be big or small. Studying during a time in which we’ve all experienced is difficult nonetheless, and the fact that you are indeed still pushing through and wanting to achieve a step towards your progressive and academic career is mini success in itself. Remember to take a step back, re-evaluate your reason behind it all and then continue on.

If you’re ever needing guidance or support throughout your academic studies, we are here for you! To access these support services, visit us for more information.


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