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Showing Up When You’re Not Feeling It

Showing up when not feeling it

Showing Up When You’re Not Feeling It

By Nicholas Sinclair | Aug 26, 2020

These are strange and difficult times. We all know that. We all feel that. But that’s the beauty of all this. That we’re in it together. There are not that many times in life that we get to collectively experience something so significant. It’s important to take the time to feel yourself. To understand and accept the way you feel so that you can move forwards. This is a time to get all of your priorities in check. To take the time you need for you.

When we’re in the midst of what seems like a crisis, sometimes we forget to check in with ourselves. ‘The world feels like it’s ending’, you might say to yourself. But if you can ground yourself, and collect your thoughts, then this can be a time of great personal success. Where you meet both your personal goals and your study goals.

Today’s theme is that of ‘Showing up when you’re not feeling it’. Which when our lives are turned upside down, can be hard to do. So we’re going to talk you through some ways to help you keep achieving!

Understanding and accepting how you feel

Many of us at the moment are having trouble concentrating. There’s just always something going on that captures our focus, when our focus should be on our study. So instead of going to war with yourself, take a moment to sit with how you feel. Are you feeling confused, angry, sad or maybe you’re feeling joy and happiness; Finally a chance to achieve the things you’ve been putting off. But regardless of what the emotion is, give yourself the room to sit and process how you are feeling. If we take the time to at least put a name to our feelings, it can help us manoeuvre around them. It’s often when we’re feeling confused and overwhelmed that our attention just keeps jumping around. Never feeling settled because we don’t understand why or what it is we’re feeling. So give yourself the space and time you need to feel. But also, know that it’s okay to not know. We can’t always put words to our feelings. They have a habit of being somewhat intangible. So sit, allow yourself to feel. Name them if you can. But know that it’s okay if you can’t.

You’re not alone

The beauty of this entire situation is that we’re all in it together. Everyone on this planet is experiencing the same thing. Recognise that there’s a beauty in that. Maybe being home feels isolating, but everyone feels that. Everyone feels a little scared. A little uncertain. So don’t beat yourself up for feeling these things. Once you recognise that you’re not alone, focusing on the things you need to focus on becomes much easier.

Whatever the outcome, remind yourself of exactly what you want to achieve, then stick it everywhere [or brand it to your head, whatever works for you!] for the world to see and continue soldiering on.

Staying motivated when dealing with Mental Health issues

Navigating your mental health during this time can be a challenge. But remember, there’s a lot of services out there! All of which are currently online or can be accessed over the phone. Oftentimes, just having someone to talk to about how you’re feeling, can be exactly what you need. When you’re feeling stress in different forms, having an unbiased voice, with your best interests at heart can make all the difference. If you’re struggling with your studies, reach out to Mentor. Give us a call, send us a message, whatever you feel comfortable doing. We’re always happy to talk, to be lenient and to listen to your needs.

Beyond Blue provides great online and phone operated support services. If you’re looking for help go to: Coronavirus Beyond BlueThey also have articles, translation services, forums and many other avenues to help people during this time.
A few suggestions they offer are “While it's important to stay informed, you may find it useful to limit your media intake if it is upsetting you or your family.” Coronavirus Beyond Blue

“It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or stressed by news of the outbreak. We encourage people who have experienced mental health issues in the past to: activate your support network, acknowledge feelings of distress, seek professional support early if you’re having difficulties.” Coronavirus Beyond Blue

What does it mean to feel ‘in the mood’ and how to navigate it

Let’s be real.. We don’t always feel ‘in the mood’ to do things. Often it’s hard, boring, tiresome. Let’s take your studies for example. Sometimes we just don’t want to do it. Maybe we don’t like that particular unit of study. Maybe we just don’t understand it. But we’ve got a really good metaphor that puts this in perspective. Think of your studies like a pet dog, or any pet for that matter. We love them. They’re cute, cuddly. They sit with us when we’re sad. They’re there for us. But sometimes they wake us up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. Sometimes they just go on the floor. We don’t hate them because of it. We don’t just neglect them, throw them away. That’s just part of having a pet. This is much like study. It’s important to keep your goals in mind. To remind yourself why you’re studying and the benefits of studying. Like having a pet, studying requires consistency. When you have your time every day, that you dedicate to your study, you get it done. Just like your pet/s, they’re there every day, and because of this, you get used to their needs. Know why you do the things you do. The original goal you set is often used as a reference point when the going gets tough. But remember, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’. But don’t take this too literally. Being ‘tough’ is often also about accepting your vulnerability and being honest with yourself and others.

During these times it’s important to keep your mind on what it is you’re trying to achieve. Give yourself time to think and feel your way through all of this. If you need to give yourself space, then give yourself space. Communicate with those around you. If you’re having trouble with your studies, then talk to us. Utilise the services available to you!

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