It's Your Time To Re-Connect

It's Your Time... To Re-Connect

By Antonietta Marinelli | Oct 02, 2021

Online and remote work is assuming a bigger role than ever before when it comes to our professions and education. For those who are new, or unfamiliar with online work or study, it can be a challenging adjustment. However, we are fortunate to live in a time where technology serves as an effective tool to stay and feel connected.

There is no doubt that this new environment offers a degree of challenges, yet it also presents a range of opportunities. In living in a digitally connected world, we are given many options and ways to stay connected with others, no matter where we or they are with the use of our computers or phones.

So what are some ways that we can remain connected in a remote environment?

1. Connecting Via Virtual Spaces

Most of us are ahead of the game in terms of technology and the power of its use in remaining connected with others. It is important to ensure that technology is used in a positive way, and it is contributing to our mental well-being, and not working against it. At Mentor Education, for us to stay connected as a team, we jump onto our Zoom call every morning at 9:00 AM to welcome in the new day. The same procedure takes place at 4:45 PM every evening, where each team member gives a little spill about their day. This is a great way to stay connected, and ‘re-connect’ after the day is done and have that normal, human interaction.

2. Connecting Through Off-Topic Communication Channels

Office banter and social ‘watercooler’ talk is something that should be addressed to some degree when in a remote learning or work environment. People play a vital role in what we do, and one thing we share is professional and social relationships, both of which need to be considered when in a remote learning environment.

Depending on what platforms your organization uses for instant messaging and real time communication; creating an ‘Off-topic’ social discussion channel can be a great place for all team members to send through funny photos, banter and share a fun thought for the day which does not hold specific relevance to work. This is a great way to maintain social relationships among co-workers and provide some degree of face-to-face culture one would normally expect in a real world office.

3. Connecting Through Virtual Games Night!

Luckily, we live in an era where virtual communication has become the normality and organizing a virtual games night is nothing short of normal. This can be trivia, charades, move night – you name it! Everybody loves a little friendly competition and there is nothing better than organizing a fun virtual games night with your family or friends. With FaceTime, Zoom and other free video conferencing tools and a solid internet connection, you are good to go!

4. Re-connecting By Checking In

It is important to not only check in with others, but also yourself. Checking-in individually with all members within a team, or classroom is extremely important, and a great way to stay connected. At Mentor Education, we ensure to remind our students that we are available and offer 100% unlimited student support. This can include checking in to see how you’re going, how your workload is coming along and to ensure with communication is no boundary when it comes to reaching out when needed or wanting to.

If you’re a student at Mentor Education or considering your studies at Mentor Education, we can assure you that you are given the guidance and support you need to remain connected. With over 17 years of delivering online learning, we focus on providing students (where possible) the flexibility to commence their studies at anytime, anywhere. In addition to flexible timelines, the provision of initiative learning management systems coupled with high quality resources, materials and online support lends themselves to a positive and engaging online learning experience.

For any questions about the online learning experience, be sure to head on over and check out one of our student information sessions on our YouTube channel @MentorEducation where we discuss all areas of our courses. Mentor Education gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons remotely and excite your potential with our support and guidance from the beginning until the very end.



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