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Habits To Work Towards Being The Best Version Of YOU

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Habits To Work Towards Being The Best Version Of YOU.

By Antonietta Marinelli | April 16, 2021

Being the best version of ourselves is valuable because it allows us to experience everything that life has to offer, from all different angles. It enables us to work harder for things we admire, things we care about and for ourselves. We all take in tasks differently, mask our emotions differently and react to certain situations in different ways. However, we are all on the same path in discovering who we are as individuals and how we can truly excite our potential to the best of our ability. However, being faced with challenges daily can led to this becoming somewhat difficult, particularly when you account for the pace of the modern business environment. In recognition of this, we have provided you with some strategies to take on board to assist you in achieving success.

Apart from skills, intelligence and opportunities, there are habits which allow us to make a difference in our every-day routine in self-success. When we talk about habits, we know that not all habits are good. The bad habits are basically the negative behavior pattern that keeps you away from accomplishing your dreams, whereas good habits allow us to achieve our goals (Week plan, 2019). One thing that separates high achievers from ‘regular’ people is intention (DesMarais, 2018). Taking a step back and re-evaluating what we wish to achieve out of this life can be difficult for some, but to reach your utmost potential, you need to follow your own chosen path with daily habits which prime you for success.

Writing Things Down

Technology? Negative. Let us take it back to basics with the good old pen and paper. Physically write down tasks which must be completed by a certain time frame and put them aside to clear your head. Getting things done on time is important to become successful, it allows us to have structure and have control of what the task is at hand.

Develop An Early Or Consistent Wake-Up Routine.

While studies have suggested that eight hours of sleep each day may be counterproductive to your levels of mental agility, it is important that you develop a consistent sleep cycle that accommodates you. This enables you to become an early riser who wakes up at the same time each day, which makes it far easier for you to optimize your time and develop a productive schedule (Humphries, 2019).

Ridding Toxicity From Your Life

Surrounding yourself with those who hold a positive mindset truly shifts your energy and perspective on things. There are people who unfortunately carry and spread negativity energy, which then can then affect your mental health and thought process, as well drain your energy. Having a diverse and mixed group of friends is all well and good, but it is imperative that individuals within your social circles share a similar outlook to work and professional success. Associate yourself with like-minded individuals who will encourage you down your path to success.


Your ability to discipline yourself, and control your actions is the most important single quality that you can develop as a person. The habit of self-discipline goes hand in hand with success in every area of our lives. Something as little as setting a goal for yourself and following through or wanting to drink a set amount of water throughout the day, and doing so is self-discipline.


There are numerous studies which have proven the link between physical fitness and mental agility, and that an increase in regular exercise is a key driver in enhanced mental performance (Bergland, 2013). Something as simple as going for a 20-minute walk everyday can re-generate your thought process and develop a stamina to achieve personal and professional goals, as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Today is the start of another journey. You have complete control over shaping who you are, and everything that happens to you in your future. What habits are you going to try to fall into to be the best version of YOU? Determining what it means to you and developing long-term goals are therefore important steps towards achieving happiness, while you must also be willing to make lifestyle changes and re-evaluate your entire outlook in life (Lifehack, 2019). Remember, success can mean different things to different people but whatever it does mean to you, getting into the right mindset and attitude will help you to get there. You have got this.


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