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Embracing Change and Overcoming It

Embracing Change and Overcoming It

By Antonietta Marinelli | April 08, 2022

Change. A word which some may fear at first glance. However, change is what keeps things progressing, which in turn can be of great benefit for our personal development. In dealing with change, some master the adaptation better than others. Embracing change suggests that you don’t see change as difficult, but rather see it as an opportunity to improve yourself or trying new things. Society changes, technology evolves every day but what is most important is how we ourselves undergo change. Despite all this knowledge, one of the most difficult things human beings learn during their life is how to embrace change (Intelligent Change, 2020)

Greek philosopher, Heraclitus said “Life is flux”. Suggesting in 500BC (way before any of our time!) that everything around us is constantly shifting and becoming something other to what it was once before (Baker, 2020). Heraclitus concluded that since the very nature of life is change, to resist this natural flow was to resist the very essence of our existence. “There is nothing permanent except change,” he said.

In saying that, taking on change can be daunting, nerve-racking, and even downright scary. The thought of adaptation, difference, hurdles. Scary. However, there are ways in which we can soften that fear of change and take in the change as it brings us new challenges, experiences, opportunities, and growth.

Open mindfulness

The key to a positive mindset with change is being able to OPEN that mind! Change brings us opportunities, which in turn can be good or bad. However, with both comes growth and change. Having an open mind allows you to identify and take on new opportunities. This could include your personal development through social-life, work, or personal-development. So, what are some things which can allow us to be more open-minded?

  • Reading
  • Meeting new people who hold different careers, jobs, interests, hobbies etc.
  • Writing (any thoughts, or emotions in which may hold volume)
  • Verbally speaking your fears out-loud – Did you know humans are guilty of not sharing even 10 per cent of their daily emotions with others? (Francis, 2021)
  • Daily affirmations

Accepting the ‘unknown’

A hard one for many to accept, especially if you’re prone to wanting to know everything. When confronted with change, we seem to think we need to have all the answers to any situation. You don’t. This is where the support and guidance of good friends and mentors come into play. Mentors seem to hold the ability to be neutral and to make you think as they probably like you, however they might not be a close friend. This impartiality provides a real balance to the situation and often gives you several points of view that you can consider before responding to the change (Schroeder, 2020)

Good sleep routine

The less sleep we get, the more our concentration suffers. This can lead to a decrease in the level of focus we may be able to implement in adapting to change. We increase our changes of struggling to deal with change. To appropriately function, we acquire at least 7 hours of sleep a night to be able to function optimally the next day. It is the little things like dimming the lights before sleep or turning off all electronical devices to truly calm or slow down the mind.

C.S. Lewis once described humans and our behaviors like an egg. “You must be hatched or go bad.” So how do you evolve? Quietly, doggedly, simply. Little things become big things. Improving 1% in one area every day will become a 3700% increase in just one year! (Schroeder, 2020). As each day passes, we turn into a different version of ourselves, it’s up to you if it’s a positive or negative one.


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