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4 Apps To Help You Reduce Stress

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4 Apps To Help You Reduce Stress

By Antonietta Marinelli | May 21, 2021

In managing the demands of life that can include work, family, and study it is important to have access to tools that can assist us with managing stress. We live in a world so consumed by technology that everything we do within our day-to-day life is surrounded by it. Some simple techniques to manage stress include taking a break by watching a funny video on Facebook, a scroll through our Instagram page or even hopping onto our favorite news outlet to find out what is happening around the world. In acknowledging our reliance on, and the role that technology plays in our lives, outside of the simple measures discussed there are some other ways we can reduce our levels of stress without having to put down our beloved devices.

4 Apps To Manage Stress


This app gives you a look into guided meditation classes which range from 2-25 minutes. Headspace is a guided meditation app, used on both IOS and Android devices and a desktop. It shows you how to stress less, focus more and sleep better. The app holds meditation classes which can be listened to on the go, and downloaded to be used offline.


Everybody knows that exercise is an effective way to calm down anxiety and manage stress levels. There are numerous studies which have proven the link between physical fitness and mental agility, and that an increase in regular exercise is a key driver in enhanced mental performance (Bergland, 2013).
Something as simple as a walk can be tracked on your Strava app. An app designed to track your exercise movements, whether that be a run or a simple stroll. The app syncs with most devices - your phone, GPS watch or head unit, heart rate monitor or power meter - and records just about any performance metric you can imagine.


According to psychologists, coloring has everything to do with refocusing our attention, even as adults. Clinical psychologist, Scott M. Bea, PysD states that adult coloring requires modest attention focused outside of self-awareness. Being a simple activity, allows us to take ourselves outside in the same way as cutting the lawn, knitting or taking a Sunday drive (Cleveland Clinic, 2020).
The app colorfy is an adult book brought into a digital realm (Doyle, 2021). With a selection of images and mandalas to choose from, or the option to upload your own sketches to color, you can spend hours in a flow state or focused meditation through this app.A recent study showed that adult coloring helped lower anxiety levels in participants, so pouring your attention into the beautiful designs may help distract from your anxious thoughts and help provide some calm.


Writing things down to regather our thoughts is a way to manage stress and anxiety. The app moodnotes lets you document your entire experience with anxiety in all its forms. The app provides you with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, as well as positive psychology to help you to understand and manage your emotions. This app was designed to help people to become more aware of their moods, identify which thinking traps they may fall into and facilitate an experience in which helps you develop a more positive thinking habit. Moodnotes gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself and take control of your emotional health and mental wellbeing (ustwo, 2019).


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