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3 Ways To Take Control Of Online Study

3 Ways To Take Control Of Online Study

You Got This: 3 Ways To Take Control Of Online Study

By Antonietta Marinelli | July 30, 2021

In recent years there has been a great transition to remote and online learning. Not only does it offer benefits such as flexibility, but it also presents a great deal of accessibility for us seeking to upskill particularly when managing life, work, and study all at the same time.

In the new era of learning online we have access to resources and tools that allow us to learn, interact and communicate effectively, to a similar degree as that if we were studying in a face-to-face environment. What’s truly exciting, is that simple things and learning experiences such as being able to ask a question in class, or even running through case studies on the whiteboard are now available in a remote learning environment.

However, as accessible as online learning has become, our drive to stay motivated and inspired to achieve our academic goals can be challenged.

So, with that in mind, what are some ways to stay efficient and motivated when studying online?

Have a routine and take breaks

What is your routine when you wake up in the morning?

Having a routine is key to keeping things to complete tasks when studying online. Within this routine, having breaks is ESSENTIAL. Make sure you are giving yourself adequate time during your study time to walk away from the computer screen and your desk. Taking a break boosts our energy, improves our focus, increases our motivation, and makes us more effective. Ideally we want to get into the routine of taking a 5 to 7-minute break every hour (Catrillon, 2021).

Make sure to have a dedicated study station

You do not need to replicate your classroom to effectively study, however, you do need a space in which you’re comfortable enough to concentrate and work in..

When choosing a place to learn and study, check off the few essentials:

  • Ensure it has good lighting. A dark room or space can become quite claustrophobic and lead to faster eye strain and fatigue. Ensure your space has a good light, or even natural lighting!
  • Ensure you have a good chair and desk set-up. Ergonomic workspaces allow for you to fully focus on the study materials in front of you, and to safeguard you from an discomfort, or any type of strain or stress on your body.

Stay connected with your peers, educators, and co-workers

Studying from home can get lonely, especially if those you live with are not around. With programs like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, there is no doubt that staying connected with others is easy. But, when operating online we sometimes forget to check-in, or ask for help even. It is important to communicate with your educators, peers and others to ask for help when needed.

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At Mentor Education, we aim to give you the opportunity to #ExciteYourPotential and support you throughout your educational journey, beginning, middle and end.

Remember, You’ve Got This!


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