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3 Tips to Be More Assertive at Work

By Antonietta Marinelli | May 26, 2022
Assertiveness is a core skill that can be the art of knowing when to be assertive without being aggressive.

Confidence: The Key to Success

By Antonietta Marinelli | April 22, 2022
We define self-confidence as “a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement”, an inevitable motion for substantial personal growth and success (Günel, 2020).

Embracing Change and Overcoming It

By Antonietta Marinelli | April 08, 2022
Change. A word which some may fear at first glance.

How to Choose a Different Career Path and Move Forward Positively

By Antonietta Marinelli | March 05, 2022
Moving into a different field of work can be nerve-racking, daunting even.

Keeping Your Mind in Check

By Antonietta Marinelli | Febuary 04, 2022
How to take care of your mental health when working from home.

Top 3 tips to avoid mental fatigue

By Antonietta Marinelli | January 28, 2022
We’ve all experienced going strong, with the purpose and drive to follow a set routine which best suits our lifestyle. However, sometimes, maybe over the course of a week, a month, or even sooner – we lose momentum. <more>

Complimenting Your Course With A Professional Footprint And Branding

By James Lynch | December 17, 2021
Whatever your reason for taking on further education, particularly if it is aligned with your professional aspirations, establishing a professional brand and footprint is of critical importance in today's environment.

The Positive Outcomes of Remote Learning/Work

By Antonietta Marinelli | December 12, 2021
In recent years, our capacity to study and learn remotely has increased. By living in a digital-dominant era, (with the revolution of communication being dictated by the power charge on our mobile phones or the lightening speed of our internet connection) the way we communicate, and process information has changed significantly.

Hope Throughout Your Studies And How It Can Help You

By Antonietta Marinelli | December 03, 2021
This month at Mentor Education, we’re focusing on hope as we take part, for the third year running in the Hope Barometer International Research Project.

Hope Vs Optimism

By Antonietta Marinelli | November 12, 2021
Hope Vs Optimism - So, what is hope? And what is optimism?

How Hope Can Keep You Happier

By Antonietta Marinelli | November 05, 2021
This month at Mentor Education, we are focusing on hope as we take part, for the third year running in the Hope Barometer International Research Project. The project involves over sixteen countries worldwide and seeks to deliver a broad-based study of the hopes, desires, and future expectations of our population.

5 Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life and Boost Your Productivity

By Antonietta Marinelli | October 22, 2021
Habits are the small decisions in which we make, and the actions we perform every day.

3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Focus

By Antonietta Marinelli | October 15, 2021
In today’s world, remaining connected and manage an ever-increasing volume of information can make it challenging to remain focused and staying on task.

The 4 Types of Learning Styles

By Antonietta Marinelli | October 08, 2021
As individuals we absorb and communicate information differently. This is reflected in the way we articulate ourselves, the way we process certain conversations and even the way we read inside our heads.

It's Your Time... To Re-Connect

By Antonietta Marinelli | October 02, 2021
Online and remote work is assuming a bigger role than ever before when it comes to our professions and education. For those who are new, or unfamiliar with online work or study, it can be a challenging adjustment. However, we are fortunate to live in a time where technology serves as an effective tool to stay and feel connected.

Staying Productive and Avoiding Burnout

By Antonietta Marinelli | September 18, 2021
So, what are some strategies that we can implement to better manage ourselves and potentially combat, if not avoid the negative side effects of burnout?

Managing A Postive Mindset

By Antonietta Marinelli | September 10, 2021
Numerous studies have shown that a positive mindset reduces stress levels, increases concentration, and improves resilience. Positive thinking does not mean you keep your head in the sand and ignore life’s inevitable circumstances, but more so it means that your approach to unpleasantness is done so in a more positive and productive way.

Naturally Boosting Your Mood

By Antonietta Marinelli | September 04, 2021
Do you ever wonder why you feel that little bit happier when your favorite song comes on? Patting that super adorable dog that walked past you on your daily walk? Or that feeling of accomplishment once completing that dreaded run or massive assignment?

How To Calm Your Mind

By Antonietta Marinelli | April 09, 2021
When our emotional or mental state is not in balance, it does hold some effect on the performance of our physical activity, work or study level. Research shows that when we’re under stress, the brain simply stops forming new connections.


The Positive Outcomes of Mindfulness

By Antonietta Marinelli | March 26, 2021
In the rush to accomplish necessary tasks, you may find yourself losing your connection with the present moment—missing out on what you are doing and how you are feeling. In comes the practice of mindfulness.


Mindfulness At Work

By Antonietta Marinelli | March 19, 2021
In recent years, mental health has become a priority for many organisations and one strategy that is being widely employed to address this priority is that of mindfulness.


Procrastination, Not Always A Bad Thing

By Antonietta Marinelli | March 12, 2021

Procrastination. We all go through it. We all (try) to fight it. We all feel it. As the world re-adjusts to the dramatic changes of remote learning or ‘back-to-the-office’ changes, we remain with continuous uncertainty and nerves as procrastination interferes with our productivity.

Being A Virtual Leader Through Remote Working

By Antonietta Marinelli | March 05, 2021

In such a dynamic environment, the demand for good virtual leadership skills is becoming more and more important as remote work has increased (Moore, 2020).

Studying In The Midst Of It All

By Antonietta Marinelli | February 26, 2021

In a world that is becoming increasingly busy there is no doubt that time is becoming more and more precious. When it comes to balancing time between people, leisure, work and study it can be difficult to prioritise the things that matter in both the short and long term.

The Power of Remote Teamwork

By Antonietta Marinelli | February 05, 2021

Big challenges were faced in 2020 with transition from office-space working to home-office working. Many organisations were faced with the difficulties of adjusting to remote interactions with their co-workers and team. Virtual collaboration can be the hardest aspect of remote working.

3 Tips For Returning Back To the Office

By Antonietta Marinelli | Jan 29, 2021

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) only about one in every hundred Australian employees, excluding business managers, worked mainly from home back in 2008 (Siebert, 2020). In 2020 it was a very different story with the transition to remote work becoming the new “normal”.

3 Ways To Make Mentorship Work For You

By Antonietta Marinelli | Jan 22, 2021

While often thought as most valuable at the start of our careers, or when deciding which road to take, a mentor can provide us with the guidance, advice and support to help us in achieving our goals over the lifespan of our careers.

Why introducing yourself, making the most of your education section and highlighting your skills is important for your CV when job-hunting.

By Antonietta Marinelli | Jan 15, 2021

Many of us have a resume filled with an endless list of work experience across internships, customer service roles, volunteer work and things in which are believed to be of benefit to an advertised role.

New Year, New Habits

By Antonietta Marinelli | Jan 08, 2021

The reset button has been pressed and we are kick-starting 2021! A new year means new lessons, opportunities, adventures, challenges and goals...for some of us anyway.

Hopeful Living

By Antonietta Marinelli | Dec 18, 2020

Hope. A feeling of expectation and desire for something to happen. Us, as humans, are in an optimistic mindset where all positive energy is put out into the universe with the hope for a positive outcome surrounding events and circumstances. When we think of hope, we are faced towards positive psychology.

Hope in Education - How Having Hope Can Help You Throughout Your Studies.

By Antonietta Marinelli | Dec 04, 2020

Research shows that one element that can contribute toward a student's success is their level of hope. There is no more important predictor of success than hope, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development’s Valerie Maholmes’ described it as the ability to envision a more positive future, even when all evidence points to the contrary.

Hope, Resilience and Education - Is there a link.

By Antonietta Marinelli | Nov 20, 2020

The impact that education has on the level of Dispositional Hope is considerable. Dispositional Hope measure is the most common and established method of measuring an individual's level of hope.

How being more hopeful can change your life.

By Antonietta Marinelli | Nov 13, 2020

It will be marked as the year that was, as 2020 wraps up we look back on the year all of us had, bad or good. We have faced many challenges, obstacles and experiences which made us come out with a different perspective in both life, and ourselves.

The Power of Hope and Optimism.

By Antonietta Marinelli | Nov 06, 2020

This month at Mentor Education we are focusing on hope as we are involved in the 2020 Hope Barometer. The 2020 Hope Barometer is an international research initiative involving over 15 countries worldwide. .

Changing Pace - The Benefits of Changing Your Career Path.

By Antonietta Marinelli | Oct 30, 2020

Many of us are fortunate enough to know what we want to do in terms of career from a very early age. However, many more of us are finding out what path to follow isn’t exactly the smoothest of journey’s.

How To Be More Productive, Sleep Better, Less Stressed And A Better Communicator With The Flick Of A Button.

By Antonietta Marinelli | Oct 23, 2020

There is no question that technology can improve our lives and has become embedded in almost everything we do. As we continue to remain in a consumed state of technology; screen time, video calls and virtual meetings has become the norm. Whether it be social connections, remote learning, Zoom work calls or even the good old social media fix there’s an argument to be made that we are guilty of becoming consumed by technology.

The Power of Networking

By Antonietta Marinelli | Oct 09, 2020

So, you are in the industry and now have stepped into the profession environment. You are now required to fill in some big shoes and create a professional and reputable standard for yourself.
First impressions are important within any life or role scenario. Going to an event there is multiple opportunities to network can be somewhat scary or intimating but it is all about the power of your approach.

A Deep Dive into Leadership

By James Lynch | Oct 02, 2020

There are many different types of leaders. There are the leaders who take the lead via verbal communication, whilst others lead by showcasing their skills in-person. To successfully maintain and lead human capital, there must be achievement through development of strong relationships, positive working-culture, and a strong development in infrastructure.

Studying Online

By Antonietta Marinelli & James Lynch | Sep 25, 2020

Online and remote learning is assuming a bigger role than ever before when it comes to education. For those new, or unfamiliar with online studying it can be daunting and a challenging prospect especially if you’re used to having that in-person contact with an educator such as teach or even that face to face interaction with your peers.

Leadership and Friendship

By Nicholas Sinclair | September 18, 2020

Can a relationship, and more specifically a friendship, exist between leaders and their followers? It is a question worth exploring and warrants further investigation. The traditional construct of leadership that many of us are familiar with would lead us to believe that such a relationship dynamic is not possible. However, when accounting for the societal and technological developments of the 21st century we find that the very foundations of our belief and value systems have changed and evolved. Sometimes by choice, and other times by circumstance.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

By Nicholas Sinclair | September 11, 2020

Being calm can be a challenge especially when there is pressure to be more productive, bring more energy and to be/have/want more. One thing to consider is that effort doesn’t always equate to output and that arbitrarily working harder isn’t always the best way. Often in life, working smarter is much more efficient.

Transformative Leadership: How to Move from Force to Flow

By Nicholas Sinclair | September 03, 2020

Being a Leader can be challenging. That’s why so many of us choose to let others take the lead. One aspect of leading that can be a challenge, is the responsibility of making decisions. In the last article, we talked about Leading others through leading yourself. Both forms of leadership are about taking responsibility. Taking responsibility for your life. But also, the outcomes of the decisions you make. Taking responsibility for your own decisions is one thing. But decisions that affect those around you is another. Often in life, we can get stuck in the goals and outcomes that we set our minds to. But when other people are involved, we’re often faced with a decision: to force something, or to let it flow.

Showing Up When You’re Not Feeling It

By Nicholas Sinclair | August 26, 2020

These are strange and difficult times. We all know that. We all feel that. But that’s the beauty of all this. That we’re in it together. There are not that many times in life that we get to collectively experience something so significant. It’s important to take the time to feel yourself. To understand and accept the way you feel so that you can move forwards. This is a time to get all of your priorities in check. To take the time you need for you.

Transformational Leadership

By Nicholas Sinclair | August 07, 2020

Ideas on Leadership have been thrown around forever. Why? Because not only are Leaders crucial to our society, but being a Leader requires unique skills and experience. Leadership styles vary greatly and depending on what you’re trying to achieve can look vastly different. It’s important to remember that Leadership isn’t all about being a leader to others. Oftentimes it’s about leading yourself. Leading yourself to your version of success. Meeting the objectives and outcomes specific to you.

The Best Video Chat Apps to Stay Connected

By Nicholas Sinclair | April 17, 2020

Okay, yes, we’re all locked inside now but who said we must do it alone?
It’s 2020! We don’t need to see each other. The internet is a marvellous thing and in this week’s student life, we’re going to discuss the best video sharing apps to keep you connected this “stay-at-home” season.

Working from home?
It’s easy with these 9 simple steps

By Nicholas Sinclair | April 03, 2020

Every cloud has a rainbow!
Even though everything feels crazy and uncertain right now, it’s time to embrace reality.
For those of us who are fortunate enough, we get to work from home!

The Skills You Need to Lead Yourself to Success

By Nicholas Sinclair | March 06, 2020

So, what is leadership? Is it a trait only held by very few? What is it about leadership that led to the success of people like Steve Jobs or Susan Wojcicki? Is leadership a skill that only very few of us possess? <more>

Industry 4.0: How to Enhance Your Skills for The Future of Work

By James Lynch | February 24, 2020

Research from the Committee for Economic Development of Australia found that more than five million jobs (almost 40% of Australian jobs that exist today) have a moderate to high likelihood of disappearing in the next 10 to 15 years (Australia, 2015) <more>

The Best Techniques to Help Combat Stress While Studying

By Nicholas Sinclair| February 07, 2020

Stress is something we all deal with, but how we deal with it is something that differs from person to person. There are endless reasons why we stress, be it work, family or even study. <more>

6 Great Ways To Balance Life, Family and Study

By Nicholas Sinclair | January 23, 2020

Balancing life and study can be a real challenge, especially if it’s not just your time to manage. Family commitments are very real and place additional demands on what is often an already busy schedule. This is going to have some impact on your personal learning and study strategies, however, thanks to distance learning finding that balance between study and life have become easier and more achievable! <more>

Four Top Tips for Successful Goal Setting

By Nicholas Sinclair | January 10, 2020

Now that the new year is here, now is the perfect time to set your goals for 2020. But many new year’s goals fall short in the first few months or even weeks of being set. So, in recognizing this, we have put together a few of the key tips to help you set yourself for successful goal setting this year. <more>

How To Make Your Qualifications Stand Out

By James Lynch | December 20, 2019

Time is arguably one of the most valuable resources we have, so when it comes to study and spending it as effectively as we can there a few things we can do to ensure we get the most out it. ... <more>

How To Make The Most of Your Study Time

By James Lynch | December 03, 2019

Time is arguably one of the most valuable resources we have, so when it comes to study and spending it as effectively as we can there a few things we can do to ensure we get the most out it. ... <more>



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