School of Accounting and Finance

The School of Accounting and Finance
The School of Accounting and Finance is one of three schools within Mentor Education. The school offers a range of courses from Certificate III to Advanced Diploma Level, with pathways to higher education. The school provides education and training for students seeking formal qualifications in careers from Bookkeepers and Accountants to Paraplanners and Assistant Financial Advisers (in a non-advice providing capacity).

Mentor Education is committed to providing our students with skill and knowledge that is relevant, current and focusses on the future as well as the present. Our courses are developed not only to meet the Australian context but are relevant to the world of business across a number of industries.

Accounting Faculty Courses

Accounting Skill Sets

Financial Services Faculty Courses

Course Delivery
In our extensive history of delivering e-learning and business solutions we have taken great pride in equipping our graduates with cross functional skill sets that are pragmatic, adaptable and most importantly applicable.

Through the use of innovative and cutting-edge technology solutions we are able to drive a higher degree of student engagement, connectivity and satisfaction. Our online learning management systems offer students a multimedia training experience supported by live video classrooms and tutorials in addition to phone and email support.