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RG146 Derivatives Adviser course

Please note that this qualification is for students interested in undertaking a RG146 'General Advice' course. We no longer offer RG146 'Personal Advice' courses.

Derivatives Adviser is a short course designed for individuals who require RG146 compliance and authorisation by an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) holder to provide advice on regulated Derivatives products.

For existing authorised representatives, successful completion of this course allows you to extend your advisory range into Derivatives products.

Please note that this is a RG146 General Advice course only. Mentor Education no longer offer RG146 Personal advice courses.

Focused on your Success

We recognise that employers are increasingly looking for candidates who are aware of the challenges of being a successful financial adviser. Often a candidate’s Qualification is the only evidence that they possess the technical knowledge and skills requirements to conduct themselves professionally as an authorised representative.

With a Mentor Education Training Australia qualification you have confidence in the fact that you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge gained from a credible industry-endorsed program that employs best practice assessment standards, helping you graduate at the leading edge of your chosen field.

Course Outcome

The Derivatives Adviser course will equip you with the specialist knowledge and technical skills to provide compliant advice to clients seeking to manage investment risk by using Derivatives products.

Even experienced property investment advisers will benefit from this course by becoming RG146 compliant and made aware of their legal rights and responsibilities as a consultant.

RG146 Registered

Mentor Education’s courses offer more than just compliance training that meets the requirements of Regulatory Guideline 146 (RG146). They are designed to engage and challenge, so that you or your advisers are equipped with both the skills and knowledge required to deliver quality advice outcomes to your clients.

Who Should Enrol?

This course is suitable for:

  • individuals seeking a general advice qualification

Course Entry Requirement

This is an open entry course with no pre-requisite qualifications. In order for participants to successfully complete this course, it is recommended they have a strong grasp of literacy and numeracy.

Level of Advice

All financial product advice are labelled under two types of advice: general advice or personal advice. ASIC has provided guidance as to the difference between general advice and personal advice. Both general advice and private advice are outlined under section 766B of the Corporations Act.

General Advice

General Advice relates to financial products or investments that can be obtained from an individual that holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) or similarly works for a company that has an AFSL.

The advice is classified as general information provided to a client on a particular product or strategy but does not take into account the clients’ personal financial circumstances.

Furthermore, for general advice the individual will receive a current Financial Services Guide (FSG) from their adviser at the first meeting and if a product is discussed, a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for each product will be provided if strategies are discussed, and a relevant client fact sheets will also be provided.

Personal Advice (Not offered)

Advice is deemed personal if the adviser has to consider one or more objectives of the client's personal circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs.

For personal advice the adviser will provide the client with a current Financial Services Guide (FSG) and a Statement of Advice (SoA), and all relevant Product Disclosure Statements and supporting Financial Statements (where relevant).

The client will also be required to sign an engagement letter, scope of advice, and fee agreement forms.

Individuals seeking to provide Tier 1 compliant advice on Derivatives products, are required to successfully complete two modules. which are:

  • DFP 1 - Financial Advice
    consisting of Australian Industry Essentials and Financial Advice Fundamentals. Financial Advice Fundamentals to be completed only for personal advice.
  • Derivatives

DFP 1 - Financial Advice module sets the foundation by teaching the financial advice process, which is reinforced in the Derivatives module.


General Advice

This type of advice required students to complete the following modules:

  • DFP1 - Australian Industry Essentials
  • Derivatives

Australian Industry Essentials (Generic Knowledge)

Australian Industry Essentials and Fundamentals of Financial Advice must be the first subject completed before any of the specialist knowledge subject(s).

  • Australian Economy
  • Australian Financial Markets
  • Investment Funds
  • Corporations Act
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Licensees & Representatives
  • Ethics

Financial Advice Fundamentals

Pre-requisite for Personal Advice only (not General Advice) in Derivatives. If you are providing Personal Advice, than the following Parts are required, in addition to the above Australian Industry Essentials (above) and the Derivatives Advice (below).

  • Personal Taxation
  • Social Security
  • Wealth Creation
  • Estate Planning
  • Establishing Client Relationships
  • Identify Client Objectives and Financial Situation
  • Analyse Client Objectives and Financial Situation
  • Develop Strategies and Solutions
  • Present Strategies and Negotiate Solutions
  • Implement Agreed Plan
  • Provide Ongoing Service


Specialist Knowledge

  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Introduction to Equity Options
  • Option Pricing (1)
  • Option Pricing (2)
  • The Taken Call
  • The Taken Put
  • The Written Call
  • The Written Put
  • Index Options
  • Options Trading, Clearing and Settlement
  • Warrant Issuers
  • Introduction to Trading Warrants
  • Index, Currency and Commodity Warrants
  • Introduction to Installments
  • Installments, Endowments and SIPs
  • Introduction to Futures
  • Futures Strategies
  • CFD

Units of Competency

This course includes nationally recognised units

Derivatives General Advice

FNSIAD301 Provide general advice on financial products and services


We have designed our assessment activities in line with best practice standards to help you deliver quality advice outcomes to your clients.

General Advice

  • Multiple choice knowledge test for each part
  • Short answer responses to a written assignment

Our friendly and experienced team will provide support and assessment feedback as you progress through your studies.

Flexible Delivery Options: Nationwide

Mentor specialises in providing professional education and training services to you anywhere, any-time. We appreciate that learning needs differ for each individual and organisation, which is why we allow you to select the approach that works best for you.

General Advice

If you only intend to inform clients about a product without making a recommendation this is the course for you.

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  • Self-paced
  • Start anytime
  • Online assessment
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