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Integrating Property Advice

Designed for advisers and accountants who want to include property in their advice offering, this course has a practical, experiential focus.

When it comes to Australian investors, property is king. And yet each year, thousands of people lose serious money in property, thanks to poor decisions.

Financial advisers and accountants can ill-afford to see their clients swayed by the unwarranted claims of spruikers and project marketers.

Investing in property can be fraught with danger for clients; unless their advisers have the right process to ensure they get the qualified advice they need.

This course equips advisers with the skills and knowledge they need to develop robust processes to work with qualified property investment specialists.

What are the benefits?

The Integrating Property Advice Program offers the following benefits:

  • Increased client acquisition opportunities by providing full service wealth creation solutions.
  • Reduced risk of client attrition due to clients seeking property advice elsewhere. Influence clients before they make bad investment decisions.
  • Increased client retention as advisers are able to meet clients’ property investment management needs.
  • Trusted adviser positioning and increased depth of relationship with client.

Integrating Property Advice will give advisers the skills and confidence they need to build better client relationships based on education, empathy and trust.

As a full service accounting and financial services firm we have conversations with our clients about a range of financial matters and it is not uncommon for direct property investing to be something that our clients are interested in. Whilst we do not – nor do we want to – give advice about the direct property market as this is a specialised area, it is critical to the client relationship for us to know enough about it to:

  1. Give them some fundamental tips of what to consider in their search – and importantly what to avoid;
  2. Assist them with understanding the qualities of the property that they are looking for and what their objective is with it;
  3. Have a solution to offer them in relation to assisting them with finding the “right” property that meets these broad objectives

Putting your head in the sand or saying we can’t advise on direct property is just not good for the broader client relationship experience – so we need to make sure we can assist and guide them in a meaningful way.

Michelle Griffiths B.Bus (Accounting), CA
TAG Financial Services
Partner – Investment Advisory & Wealth


This program is for financial advisers and accountants who wish to extend their advice offer and work with property investment specialists.

Traditionally, most advisers have avoided giving advice in relation to property investments. But with over 1 million SMSF trustees in Australia, many with a bias for property, the right approach to investing in property is essential knowledge for the modern wealth advisory practice.

This course will equip advisers with the skills and knowledge to develop robust property investment processes, ensuring that their clients receive advice from qualified property investment professionals.

The aim of the course is to encourage the adviser to build longer and deeper client relationships based on education, empathy and trust, incorporating advice from property investment specialists, positioning the adviser at the centre of the advice network.

Earn CPD Points – Ongoing Education

15 continuing professional development points are available.

Course Outcome

This course helps:

  • Advisers develop entry-level property investment planning.
  • Advice firms build deeper client relationships based on education, empathy and trust.
  • Assist financial practitioners who intend to become equity partners or business managers.
  • Increase client acquisition opportunities and reduce client attrition risk by providing full service wealth creation.
  • Client facing staff and BDMs develop an understanding of the property investment process and its place in wealth creation strategies.

Who Should Enrol?

This program is for financial advisers, planners and accountants who wish to extend their advice offering and work with property investment specialists. It has a strong practical, experiential focus which encourages application of researched property investment principles.

  • The course can be tailored to meet the needs of dealer groups and institutions.
  • Entry level property investment planning for private wealth management professionals.

Integrating Specialist Property Advice

This course demonstrates how advisers can integrate the expertise of property investment specialists into their practice, examines adviser positioning and works through the technical knowledge required to better guide clients on the complexities of direct property investment.

  • Free advice isn’t free
  • Personal and property risk
  • Develop a strategy
  • Engage your team of experts
  • Select and Assess
  • Negotiate the offer
  • Portfolio review and research


We have designed our assessment activities in line with best practice standards to help you deliver quality advice outcomes to your clients.

Each subject includes a multiple choice knowledge test.

The course provides a Case Study Assignment and a series of written questions, based on the practical application of concepts learned.

Property Mavens is a leading provider of property advice services.

This course was developed in conjunction with Property Mavens, who specialise in identifying high performing investment-grade residential properties matched to a client’s individual financial goals. Property Maven’s vision is to assist financial services practices to extend their advice network with ‘client best interest’ outcomes.

The Property Mavens team are Licensed Real Estate Agents and/or Accredited Property Investment Advisers who provide strategic advice that is comprehensive and specifically tailored for financial planning clients. These position the adviser as a lead in their engagement with their client.

“17 year industry veteran and one of Australia’s most recognised property advice firms”
Miriam Sandkuhler

Managing Director, Property Mavens


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