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FNS60415 - Advanced Diploma Of Financial Planning

Notice - FNS60415 - Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

Please note that we have now permanently closed enrolments for the FNS60415 - Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning.

Mentor Education’s FNS60415 - Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning provides individuals additional skills and knowledge such as estate planning, taxation and sophisticated investment planning. Students will gain knowledge providing an:

  • Understanding of financial planning advice
  • Understanding of how to develop a range of strategies required to deliver a comprehensive financial plan
  • Understanding of advanced financial planning technical and specialist knowledge

The Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning also provides individuals a succinct pathway to a future undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in Business or Financial Planning.

Prospective students are advised to check The Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) website ( for information regarding education standards required to become a Financial Adviser.

Why Study With Us?

The FNS60415 - Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning provides individuals a succinct pathway to a future undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in Business or Financial Planning.

Course Outcome(s)

The FNS60415 - Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning extends the skills and knowledge students gained from the Diploma Of Financial Planning and may allow individuals to seek credits towards a FASEA approved higher education qualification.

Who Should Enrol?

You should enrol in the FNS60415 - Advanced Diploma Of Financial Planning if you:

Financial Planning legislation changes - New Education Standards

FASEA has now released its final Education Pathways Policy (FPS001) which sets out new standards for individuals wishing to become a financial adviser.

Click here for further information.

Entry Requirement

The entry requirement for this qualification is completion of the following units of competency, from the core of the Diploma Of Financial Planning or their equivalent from a previous version of the FNS Training Package. These are:

  • FNSASICZ503* Provide advice in financial planning
  • FNSFPL501 Comply with financial planning practice ethical and operational guidelines and regulations
  • FNSFPL502 Conduct financial planning analysis and research
  • FNSFPL503 Develop and prepare financial plan
  • FNSFPL504 Implement financial plan
  • FNSFPL505 Review financial plans and provide ongoing service
  • FNSFPL506 Determine client financial requirements and expectations
  • FNSINC401 Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry
  • The entry requirement can be met by evidence of equivalent competency to the above units through recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Course Durations

It is expected that students will spend 1800 hours in learning and related activities if completing on a full-time basis over 24 months (students who have extensive industry experience will be expected to complete it in a shorter period).

ADFP1 - Taxation Planning

  • Introduction to Taxation Planning
  • Taxation Calculation and Assessment
  • Intro to Individual Taxation
  • The Treatment of Capital Gains
  • Allowable Deductions
  • Applying the Tax Rates
  • Tax Offsets and Tax Worksheet
  • The Income Tax Collection System
  • Investment Vehicles
  • Tax Planning
  • Assessable Income

ADFP2 - Estate Planning

  • Introduction to Estate Planning
  • Wills and Probate
  • Intestacy
  • Revoking Wills and Challenging Wills
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Personally Held Assets
  • Assets Held By Trust
  • Taxation of Trust Income
  • Taxation Responsibilities of an Executor
  • Superannuation and Estate Planning
  • Social Security and Estate Planning
  • Business Succession Planning

ADFP3 - Advanced Investment Planning

  • Introduction to Financial Maths
  • Using a Financial Calculator
  • Introduction to Risk and Return
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Market Timing
  • Market Risk and Return
  • Investment Fund Performance
  • Efficient Market Theory
  • Introduction to Behavioural Finance
  • Use of Leverage
  • Handling Foreign Exchange Exposure
  • Research Issues

ADFP4 - Financial Planning

  • Legal and Other Requirements for Producing a Statement of Advice
  • The Fact Finding Interview
  • Formatting the Plan
  • Making Product Recommendations
  • Writing the Statement of Advice
  • Presenting & Reviewing the SOA
  • Case Study

Units of Competency

Core Units

  • Conduct complex financial planning research
  • Provide technical and professional guidance
  • Determine client requirements and expectations for clients with complex needs
  • Provide comprehensive monitoring and ongoing service
  • Develop complex and innovative financial planning strategies
  • Present and negotiate complex and innovative financial plans
  • Implement complex and innovative financial plans
  • Establish, supervise and monitor practice systems to conform with legislation and regulations

Elective Units

  • Provide advice in Managed Investments*
  • Provide advice in Securities*
  • Provide advice in Superannuation*

* Mutual Recognition awarded where completed as part of FNS50615 - Diploma of Financial Planning (or equivalent).


Our courses are designed to provide skill-based learning outcomes. Assessment activities for the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning include multiple choice questions, short answer assignments, and the development of a Statement of Advice.

Our friendly and experienced team will provide support and assessment feedback as you progress through your studies.

Flexible Delivery Options: Nationwide

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The course was extremely comprehensive.
The course was extremely comprehensive and I was very impressed with the customer service throughout. Finalising a phone call with the trainer as well as after the course was over made me feel as though the team at Mentor really cares about their students.

I love being part of Mentor Education.
– Kristy T.
testimonials five star review

Many thanks to Miler Maksimovic
Miler is very knowledgeable and helpful. Mentor staff and Miler have helped me to complete my assessments and course in time. Appreciate your time and support.
–Andre G
testimonials five star review

...Recently completed my Cert IV ...
I recently completed my Cert IV in Finance and Mortgage Brokering with Mentor Education. The service I have received since day one has been amazing. Earl Brooks has helped me immensely and Miller was a great teacher/Mentor. Can't wait to start my diploma!
–Cody S
testimonials five star review

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