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Getting ahead in a competitive jobs market
The Age - 19 May 2020

People are responding to the times by rethinking their career goals and upgrading skills. Imagine a crisis that forces professionals to re-evaluate their skills Job security and prospects almost overnight. That’s what many Australian workers, managers and business owners are considering as they respond to the COVTD-19 pandemic. "Even before the current crisis, changing technologies and new ways of working were disrupting jobs and the skills needed to do them," says Dr Mark Sinclair, founder of Mentor Education ... <more>

DFP to remain qualification of choice
Money Management - 10 September 2018

Although the Diploma of Financial Planning (DFP) will no longer be the minimum requirement for financial planners in 2019, it will continue to be the qualification of choice for those beginning their career as an associate adviser, paraplanner, client relationship manager and other non-advice roles, according to Mentor Education Group. Also, the qualification would continue to be essential for paraplanners and those looking for a pathway for a financial adviser career ... <more>

Planning diploma relevant despite FASEA,
Financial Standard - Jamie Williamson - 10 September 2018

New education requirements will not be the end of the Diploma of Financial Planning, according to a leading industry education provider. Currently the minimum education requirement for financial advisers, Mentor Education believes the DFP will continue to be the qualification of choice ... <more>

Modern business demands driving adviser education uptake,
Financial Standard - Jamie Williamson - 6 February 2018

Financial advisers enrolling in higher education are focused on increasing productivity and boosting the operational efficiency of their practices, according to Mentor Education. The education provider believes increased enrolments in its courses demonstrate the advice industry is responding positively to impending industry qualification requirements ... <more>

Education providers already winners in new regime
Money Management - Hannah Wootton - 6 February 2018

Education providers appear to be already emerging as the winners from the new financial planning education regime, with Mentor Education having experienced a significant increase in enrolment across its courses. The company said this suggested that financial planners are responding ... <more>

Client service key to practice resilience,
Financial Observer - Sarah Kendell - 7 December 2017

Going above and beyond in client service was key to building a more resilient advice practice that could withstand regulatory change, according to Mentor Education. The adviser education group’s founder, Mark Sinclair, said an increasing number of Mentor training courses were focusing on business improvement ... <more>

Demand for planners to work longer hours
Money Management - 7 December 2017

The contemporary customer expects new standards of service from financial planners and their staff, meaning common periods of office closer over Christmas or other holidays will likely become a thing of the past, said Mentor Education Group ... <more>

Relationship Capital - The Most Valuable Asset,
Home Base BN - Dr Jim Taggart - 12 October 2017

Industry elder, Adjunct Professor and Chairman of Mentor Education, Jim Taggart, OAM, UND, talks to his peers in this article about what he considers to be the most valuable (and under-rated) balance sheet asset an adviser can possess – their 'Relationship Capital' ... <more>

Tailored advice best for aged care,
Financial Observer - Megan Tran - 11 October 2017

The best way to achieve superior practice funding solutions for retirement village residents was through bespoke products, according to Aged Care Specialists director Greg Roberts. The ageing population, along with scrutiny over current funding models, had prompted calls ... <more>

Retirement village residents need tailored advice
Money Management - Jassmyn Goh - 11 October 2017

Retirement village residents could have an estimated $1,410,189 after 10 years if tailored advice solutions are used, according to Aged Care Specialists. Aged Care Specialists said there was not a one size fits all model for retirement village residents as there were poorer, average, and wealthy clients, one who had excellent incomes ... <more>

Aged Care Specialists: over 80% of retirement village residents better off paying Upfront Management Fee (UMF),
The Weekly Source - 10 October 2017

Greg Roberts and Dr Mark Sinclair have been working for 30 months to develop alternative financial packages for residents entering retirement villages and they are now offering their knowledge to both village operators and prospective residents ... <more>

Education standards show government 'incompetence'
IFA - Killian Plastow - 6 October 2017

The new education standards highlight a mismatch between client needs and regulatory demands, according to Phillips Family Office. Speaking to ifa, Phillips Family Office founder and ifa's Holistic Adviser of the Year winner Michael Phillips said increasing the requirements for education doesn't factor in individual adviser experience, noting that he will be 71 before he's fully qualified to start his career ... <more>

Balance sheet can identify planner quality
Money Management - Jassmyn Goh - 4 October 2017

The effectiveness, level and quality of a financial planner's client services can be measured and quantified in the balance sheet and accounts of a financial practice, Mentor Education believes. Mentor Education group chair, Jim Taggart, and founder and director, Dr Mark Sinclair, said planner quality could be identified in the planning business revenue in fees charged and longevity of client retention. ... <more>

BOLRs drive poor client outcomes,
Financial Observer - Sarah Kendell - 4 October 2017

Allowing an institution to act as the buyer of last resort (BOLR) for advice practices licensed under its dealer groups was not in the best interest of clients, who could often be sold on as books of business with no thought to continuity in the client experience, according to Mentor Education Group. In a statement, Mentor chairman Jim Taggart said BOLR provisions, which were still offered by some institutions, were "immensely damaging" to the advice industry which at its core should be about end-to-end commitment over a client's lifetime.. ... <more>

Succession planning ensures quality customer service,
Financial Standard - Jamie Williamson - 4 October 2017

Financial planning business owners must consider succession planning as another element of their customer service, according to Mentor Education. Mentor Education Group chairman Jim Taggart said true financial advice is an end-to-end commitment that mirrors the lifelong journey of the advice process and offloading a practice via Buyer of Last Resort (BoLR) arrangements ... <more>

BoLR is Worst Outcome for Clients
Risk Info - Dr Jim Taggart OAM - 3 October 2017

Buyer of Last Resort (BoLR) arrangements are the worst possible outcome for clients and a poor reflection on a financial adviser, according to the chair of the Mentor Education Group, Dr Jim Taggart OAM Taggart said the financial advice process was built around a long-term commitment to clients that culminated with them reaching their specific ... <more>

Succession planning a key client commitment: Mentor
IFA - 3 October 2017

Ensuring a seamless transition of clients following an adviser's exit from the industry should be considered a core part of that adviser's client service offering, according to Mentor Education Group. In a statement, the registered training organisation said most advisers will reach their "use-by date" prior to their clients, ... <more>

Adviser study not as daunting as it appears,
Financial Observer - Sarah Kendell - 19 September 2017

Older financial planners need not agonise about the length of time it would take them to qualify under the incoming professional standards laws as many would be entitled to exemptions that would shorten their study time by at least a year, according to Mentor Education Group. ... <more>

Advisers Can Meet Degree Requirements Before 2024
Risk Info - Dr Mark Sinclair - 19 September 2017

Financial advisers still have sufficient time to meet new academic qualification requirements but will need to engage in a disciplined approach to be able to study and work, according to Mentor Education. Mentor Education Group founder and Managing Director Dr Mark Sinclair said that initial responses to incoming education requirements from older advisers was to consider them as “…a draconian impost on their time - or an affront to their professionalism and track record ... <more>

Planner education anxiety unwarranted
Money Management - Malavika Santhebennur - 19 September 2017

Financial planners may have been looking to the exit door following the introduction of new education requirements but their anxiety is unwarranted, according to Mentor Education. The group's founder and managing director, Dr Mark Sinclair, said many mature age planners took the matter of new academic qualification requirements to heart, believing it would be a "draconian impost" on their time, and a slight on their professionalism ... <more>

Anxiety over education standards unfounded: Mentor
IFA - 18 September 2017

Advisers are able to meet the new academic qualification requirements much more easily than many expect, according to training company Mentor Education. In a statement, Mentor managing director managing director Mark Sinclair said that the new education standards would see "heightened levels" of trust and confidence in the financial advice industry, and reinforce financial planners' positions ... <more>

Overwhelming need affinity and expertise – key reasons for mature planners to defer exit says Mentor MD - Dr Mark Sinclair
Adviser Voice - 2 August 2017

At a time when there is an overwhelming and growing need by mature age and senior Australian consumers to address the complexity of financial issues and longevity risks in retirement, experienced financial planners are choosing to exit the industry instead ... <more>

Relationship Capital: an Advice Practice's Most Valuable Balance Sheet Asset
Risk Info - Professor Dr. Jim Taggart OMA - 14 July 2017

When we think of business capital, it is done in financial terms, for without this asset it is impossible for an advice focussed enterprise to operate or grow. Mentor Education argues that 'relationship capital' is equally vital. In fact it is the foundation for developing new markets (and clients) – and a quick glance at the financial statements will reveal how much of this asset a business has ... <more>

Deep client relationships needed to succeed
Money Management - Jassmyn Goh - 26 April 2017

Financial planning is the most dependent on the closeness and depth of the peer-to-peer relationship of all professions an individual can take as an adviser, Mentor Education believes ... <more>

Modernize and do so quickly – but hammer in relationship fundamentals for planning business success says Mentor - Dr Mark Sinclair
Adviser Voice - 29 March 2017

Mentor Education MD and Founder Dr Mark Sinclair expects many financial planners will at first be challenged and confronted by the dual message and theme of the group's upcoming webinar this Wednesday morning ... <more>

Mentor Education teams up with SuiteBox
IFA - 22 March 2017

Financial services training company Mentor Education has announced it partnered with SuiteBox to provide education to aspiring advisers around technology. In a statement yesterday, Mentor Education said the alliance with SuiteBox will see the use of technology for client engagement within the Mentor curriculum ... <more>

New deal brings more technology to financial planners
Money Management - Oksana Patron - 21 March 2017

Financial compliance education and training programmes provider, Mentor Education has entered into an alliance with Suitebox in order to help financial planners become more 'tech savvy' ... <more>

Mentor announces exclusive alliance with Suitebox,
Professional Planner - 20 March 2017

Mentor Education founder and MD Dr Mark Sinclair has announced an exclusive technology alliance and partnership with Suitebox. Mentor Education is leading the way in the financial services sector with a best of breed approach for the delivery and assessment of education and training programs. Financial Planners must become more tech savvy. The new generation of advisors will be digital natives, using technology ... <more>

Mentor Education sees uptick in enrolments
IFA - 21 February 2017

Mentor Education has seen an increase in enrolments following the passing of the professional standards bill – an indication that the industry is moving forward, the financial services training company has said. In a statement yesterday, Mentor Education founder Dr Mark Sinclair said the advice industry has officially been lifted out ... <more>

New deal cuts down FP degree requirements - 16 December 2016
The University of New England has signed an articulation agreement with RG 146 training provider, Mentor Education Group, allowing Mentor graduates to knock up to 42 per cent off their financial planning degree ... <more>

Mentor Education launches new advice degrees,
Financial Observer - Jerome Doraisamy - 6 September 2016

Mentor Education, in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame, has launched two new pathway degrees, a Bachelor of Financial Planning and Master of Financial Planning, for both aspiring and experienced advisers ... <more>

Recognition of prior learning key to getting planners over the line,
Professional Planner - Mark Sinclair - 11 August 2016

Professional Planner hit the nail on the head in the article: CFP or not CFP? The pen may not be mightier than the sword (July 29, 2016) that "all of the courses, exams and other study that a planner has done, over an often lengthy career, will be assessed to see if it can count towards ... <more>

Referrals pivotal to winning new clients,
Financial Observer - Daniel Paperny - 18 July 2016

Advisers should pay heed to client referrals, as word-of-mouth recommendations had a greater impact on consumer behaviour than marketing, according to Mentor Education ... <more>

Professionalising the profession that dare not speak its name,
Professional Planner - Simon Hoyle - 17 June 2016

If you think the proposed compulsory degree requirement for financial planners will raise the cost of advice and have little impact on professionalising the industry, then new research suggests you're in the minority on both counts ... <more>

Advisers see value in degree,
Financial Standard - Jamie Williamson - 15 June 2016

A new survey from Mentor Education and Core Data has revealed that 75% of financial advisers support a bachelor of financial planning over a related bachelor's degree ... <more>

Most advisers want new standards: Mentor Education
IFA - Linda Santacruz - June 15 2016

A new survey by Mentor Education suggests a majority of advisers are in favour of the proposed education standards as well as support a 24-subject bachelor's degree requirement. The financial services training company announced the survey results yesterday during a press conference in Sydney. Mentor Education managing director Dr Mark Sinclair said ... <more>

Degree equivalent won't professionalise sector
Money Management - Malavika Santhebennur - 15 June 2016

The proposed legislation around raising professional standards in financial services should specify a Bachelor in Financial Planning rather than degree alternatives, financial services training group, Mentor Education, said ... <more>

Time is Right for Bachelor Level Qualifications
Risk Info - 14 June 2016

The Australian financial advice sector was mature enough to require its own full financial advice degree but a failure to make this mandatory would miss out on a once in a generation opportunity to enact lasting change, according to education provider Mentor Education. The group has backed its claim regarding the requirement for a full 24 subject degree qualification in advice with research from CoreData which found 80% of advisers believed they should be required ... <more>

Mentor Education builds out board
IFA - 1 June 2016

One of Australia's largest privately-owned financial services training companies, Mentor Education, has appointed a corporate strategist and educator to chair the group's 10-person academic board. David Lamond has had an international career as a senior adviser on corporate strategy ... <more>

Careful selection required for standards body: Mentor Education
IFA - 17 May 2016

The three financial planners who will sit on the education body to create new adviser standards should be "highly respected" and have diverse experience, says Mentor Education. In a statement, the financial services training company said the changes made in the government's revised ... <more>

New PSB legislation needs to restore trust,
Financial Observer - Daniel Paperny - 17 May 2016

Definitions in the legislative framework surrounding adviser education standards needed to be revisited to help provide consumers with confidence and improved trust in their financial advisers, according to Mentor Education ... <more>

Planner selections critical to PSB Money Management
Mike Taylor - 16 May 2016

The Government will need to be careful in selecting those who make up the Professional Standards Body (PSB) covering the financial advice industry, particularly the three financial planners, according to Mentor Education managing director, Dr Mark Sinclair ... <more>

A recipe for the professional standards body,
Professional Planner Mark Sinclair - May 16, 2016

The proposed education and ethical standards body in the Corporations Amendment (Professional Standards of Financial Advisers) Bill 2015, seeks to raise the standard of financial services by defining a new direction for the education and ongoing development of financial advisers ... <more>

Dr. Mark Sinclair - Sky News Business: Your Money Your Call,
Sky News - Sam Henderson - 28 April 2016

Dr. Mark Sinclair, Managing Director of Mentor Education ( as appearing on Sky News Business's Your Money Your Call: Super Thursday on 28 April 2016 with Sam Henderson. In this episode of Your Money Your Call, Dr. Mark Sinclair talks about the need for a 'Bachelor of Financial Planning' with 24 financial planning-oriented subjects, advocates for better financial literacy and improved clearer educational requirements for financial advisers. ... <more>

Exempt limited advisers from degree requirement: Mentor Education - 27 April 2016
SMSF, risk and other advisers who offer limited services should be exempt from the proposed requirement to obtain a "fully-fledged" degree, says Mentor Education. In a statement, the financial services training company said the government's proposed adviser education standards should only apply ... <more>

Mentor Education signs Taggart as chair,
Financial Observer - Kristen Crawford - 6 April 2016

Financial advice training group Mentor Education has announced the appointment of industry veteran and former Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) president Jim Taggart as its new chair ... <more>

Former AFA president to chair education business,
IFA - Alice Uribe - April 05 2016

One of Australia's largest privately owned financial services training companies has appointed a former AFA national president as its inaugural chairman. Industry stalwart and long-time financial adviser Jim Taggart will take up the position at Mentor Education ... <more>

Former AFA President to Chair Education Provider,
Risk Info - 5 April 2016

A former president of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), Dr Jim Taggart, OAM, has been appointed as the first chair of Mentor Education and has thrown his support behind the group's push for advisers to study fully fledged planning courses. Taggart, who was AFA President from late 2008 to late 2010, is already involved in education as an Adjunct Professor at both Western Sydney and Notre Dame Universities providing advice on undergraduate ... <more>

Mentor backs full degrees for holistic advice,
Financial Observer - Kristen Crawford - 23 March 2016

Only advisers who had completed a full 24-subject financial planning degree should be considered qualified to provide full-service, holistic financial planning once the government's incoming professional standards legislation came into force, according to Mentor Education ... <more>

'Degree equivalents' no match for planning degree,
Money Management - Nicholas O'Donoghue - 22 March 2016

Exemptions from proposed higher education standards for financial planners are 'ludicrous', the managing director of a financial services training firm believes ... <more>

Only 'full' degrees should be recognised: Mentor Education,
Risk Info - Mark Sinclair - 22 March 2016

Existing advisers transitioning to new education standards should be required to obtain "fully fledged" degrees, and not so-called equivalents from industry associations, argues one financial services training company. Mentor Education's founder and principal, Dr Mark Sinclair, said that the government's proposal to lift adviser qualification standards ... <more>

Limited Advice Should Not Require Degree Qualification,
Risk Info - Mark Sinclair - 22 March 2016

Advisers who provide limited advice, including life insurance advisers, should not be required to undertake the same level of training as full service or holistic advisers according to the head of financial services training provider. Mentor Education, Principal, Dr Mark Sinclair said proposals to lift education, currently in draft legislation before Federal parliament, were long overdue but they should not create new hurdles ... <more>

Focus on financial advice qualifications an overdue step; but beware, all degrees are not equal,
Professional Planner -Mark Sinclair - 21 March 2016

Australia's largest privately-owned financial services training company has welcomed the Federal Government's focus on enhanced academic qualifications but is concerned that exemptions for so-called 'degree-equivalents' potentially undermines the aim of improving financial advice for consumers ... <more>

Reskilling for accountants,
Public Accountant - Mark Sinclair - 9 March 2016

One of the biggest changes to hit the profession in recent times has been the withdrawal of the accountant's exemption. Among many implications, this decision has affected the educational requirements of many accountants ... <more>

Advisory revenue now at risk, warns Hayes
Accountants Daily - Greg Hayes - 25 August 2015

Greg Hayes, director of mid-tier accounting firm Hayes Knight, has warned accountants that they are in danger of being precluded from advisory roles if they do not act now to ensure they remain compliant ... <more>

Dropped advisers pick themselves up,
Financial Review - Mark Story - 30 April 2015

While dealer groups typically let go financial advisers who either earn them less than a $20,000 split or incur compliance blemishes, those who fail to increase their skills in response to new industry standards might also be in the crosshairs of future culls. To avoid being shown the door some time in the not-too-distant future, advisers are heading back to school in their droves ... <more>

'Next gen' advisers warned to get social or get out,
Financial Review - Mark Story - 31 March 2015

Over the next 15 years an army of glossy new entrants to the industry is expected to replace old school advisers, half of whom are in their 50s and many of whom entered the industry with the barest of qualifications ... <more>

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